Time may change Digshot..

So yes, we have updated the site once again. A few posts back there were a few updates stating some of the new content added to the site. Since then, some of that new content has been replaced with more awesome content that we like better. For instance, those blue links in the latest.. gone! Just like that, nixed, shamwowed, thrown out, kablamo. In fact, latest doesn't even exist anymore. It is now the "newest" bar and it's oh so red. Another addition was the credits page and that addition is no longer present either. If at some point we again borrow another person's work to make our work easier, that page will reappear. For now though, credits have left the building.

On to the changes part of the changes. We updated the look of every single page and attempted to make some pages more usable. One of the biggest decisions was to remove shadowbox completely. Now the page with the game or ungame info also contains said game or ungame. Our goal in redesigning this time around was to make the site more user friendly and easy to use. Hopefully we have accomplished that and any further updates will be simply updates and not drastic site altering changes.

All that said, we hope you enjoy the new Digshot and all that we have to offer!