The newest news is, as usual, a site update. Wooohooo! Try to contain your excitement for a second while I tell you all the wondrous things that have magically appeared within the last five minutes. By "all the wondrous things" I mean, one wondrous thing that probably isn't wondrous at all... Anyways, the new doodad to your left, directly under the blazing red sun box, is a list of links that will direct you to your favorite game and ungame categories. We noticed a lack of category linkage, sought to rectify said deficit and voila! you now have a beautiful fence of text cascading down the left side of your monitor.

More minor updates are to follow that should improve your Digshot experience. Until then, I will go crawl back into my corner and continue uploading the new games and ungames you all love so much.


btw I meant the monitor's left.