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Rainbow Ring 2
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Rainbow Ring 2     By: theodor
What if you had to control the rainbowRainbow Ring 2 is a fastpaced, colorbased endurance game where you never get to rest your mind nor your fingers for that matter. The power of the rainbow lies in your hands use it wisely.
LEFT / RIGHT=Spin the wheel,SPACE BAR=Flip the wheel, UP + DOWN=Rainbow special,Q=Change quality,M=Mute the music1. A ball approaches2. Match the color of the ring with the color of the ball using LEFT and RIGHT3. When the ball is in the middle hit SPACE to flip the ring matching the color going out of the ring as well4. Sometimes a rainbow ball appears hold arrow keys UP and DOWN to pass it through You must match the balls to keep the rainbow colorful! Match numerous of balls for combo bonus
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