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Super Energy Apocalypse
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Super Energy Apocalypse     By: larsiusprime
This is a game about sustainable energy use and blowing the crap out of mutant alien zombies. During the day, you will build up your base and manage your resources in a postapocalyptic world where oil and natural gas become ever more scarce. Research alternative energy sources and upgrade existing facilities to get enough energy to survive.Then, during the night, use the energy you produced and conserved during the day to fight off hordes of mutant zombies.
"R" for repair currently selected item. Hold Spacebar to place multiple buildings when in build mode.Click with the mouse. Just use the left button, and there should be instructions in game to teach you how to play in campaign mode (click Play now.).Theres a freeform sandbox mode too. To build something, click in the menu, and then where you want to build. Make sure you have enough resources first. To repair something, click on it and then hit R, or select repair from its menu. To disable something, click on it and then hit disable from its menu. To upgrade something, click on it and then hit upgrade from its menu.Hold Spacebar to place multiple buildings when in build mode.Objectives will be given for each level, they are shown in the big blue box when you are not in any submenus. Click here to show the last objective again.Click Help to look through all the in game hints and tutorials.
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