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Stellar Conflicts
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Stellar Conflicts     By: kyled
A realtime multiplayer flash game, where players pilot a space ship in a multiuser world. Ships are upgradable, with specials. You can purchase and sell Tradegoods, do missions, or just plain destroy other players. Play in a regular zone, or play in a death match where 2 teams fight it out to the end of thier base.Arrow Keys for movement,Control Fires guns,Space fires missiles (if purchased),F12 for ingame help and instructions.
Fly your ship battling other players. Upgrade and equip your ship in ship hardware, Purchase new Ships (even Capital Ships). Users can play as a guest (which can only play in normal zones) or create an account where you game information is also saved.F12 For Ingame HelpTyping help and a message will send your message to all online staff.
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Action Other Shooting multiplayer space game customizable squads kyled