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Upgrade By Modulo
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Upgrade By Modulo     By: zsolt
Challenge your logical skills with this simple entertaining game in a real 3D environment.Upgrade By Modulo is a challenging game that will test your logic skills in a real time 3D environment using simple mathematical operations.
mouse wheel=zoom 3D scene, mouse drag=rotate 3D scene, UP arrow=jumpHere is the time to test your logic skills.The aim of the game is to upgrade your balls initial score by jumping on the wheels and selecting the best number you need.If you jumped onto a spot an any wheel, the number will disapear and next time you jump on the same number on the same wheel, your ball will loose a life so dont jump onto the spot you already jumped on.We use a simple mathematical operator, called modulo or modulus.Modulo calculates the remainder of the first operandus divided by the second one.You can calculate this number very easy just divide your score by the number of the spot where you jumped, and take the remainder and add, substract or multiply your actual score by this number, according to the spot you jumped.Your first operandus always will be your current score and the second is the number where you jump on the wheel.
Site: mochiads.com/community/profile/zsolt
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