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Humanix     By: ssusnic
Make with your body exactly the same figure as a figure displayed on a moving wall. You have only a little time before the moving wall comes to you and smash your body if you dont destroy it before. To destroy it you must fill all shapes drawn on the wall with your corresponding body parts by a proper rotation of them. It sounds easy, but better try to play it, especially at higher levels!
CTRL = hold it to rotate the whole arms or legs of your hero at once, SHIFT = reset hero to the starting position, SPACE = speed up the wallThe goal of the game is to destroy advancing walls by filling all shapes drawn on them with corresponding body parts of your hero. To do that you have to rotate your body parts to take up the required position before the wall comes to you. If any of the body parts will be outside of the shapes after the wall comes to you then the wall will smash your body and game over will be announced. You can also speed up walls if you think you get the required position and so earn some bonus points. Always check the distance and extra time gauges on the statusbar to know how much time you still have for rotating your hero! To go to the next level you must always destroy seven walls per level. The levels are gradually getting heavier and heavier with more and more complex required figures so there is always a challenge to go further with the game.Use mouse to select and rotate any body part of your hero!
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