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8bitrocket Mission Leprechaun
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8bitrocket Mission Leprechaun     By: 8bitrocket
Gourdon Gruesome needs money. His untimely defeat at the hands of Pumpkin Man has left him broke and without minions to do his bidding. Help Gourdon finance his future evil deeds by rescuing Leprechauns who have been imprisoned in the potato field mazes. Gourdon must eat all of the clovers, and find all of the powers ups to complete each maze. Find keys to unlock the prison doors and use rainbow transporters to get inside enclosed areas. Watch out for rats and snakes, but be on the lookout for colored clovers, 4 leaf clovers, and mugs of ale. These will give you temporary powers to aide your quest.
Arrows Keys Move Left Right Up and Down through the maze. Eat all of the clovers and power ups in each maze, ans rescue the Leprechaun to get is pot of gold.
Site: mochiads.com/community/profile/8bitrocket
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