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The Newgrounds Card Game
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The Newgrounds Card Game     By: Rustygames
The Newgrounds Card Game is an online multiplayer trading card game based on Final Fantasy VIIIs Triple Triad.I strongly recommend you read the simple help section inside. Please be safe and sensible, but most of all, have fun!Go to http:rustyarcade.comgoodies.php for exclusive NG Cards wallpapers and msn icons!Programming by Matthew ShaileArt by Sarah BlountProduced by Rustyarcade.com
Site: mochiads.com/community/profile/Rustygames
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lol yeah @ 11:15pm on 2008-07-22
yeah, its just like it! it says so in the description! lol my friend totally had a hacked account on this when it first came out, i dunno how he did it but he had all the cards and really really high level, lol.
hmm @ 2:46pm on 2008-07-22
too simpple but reminds me of triple triad from ff series.