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Diplomacia Asistida
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Diplomacia Asistida     By: RodF
Diplomacia Asistida by DiosNosLibre.comBased on the events of the IberoAmerican Summit celebrated in Chile. You play the role as the moderator in this political meeting and it is your duty to make sure that none of the presidents get distracted or make any trouble.Originally oriented to the Iberoamerican public, so it is in Spanish.
Mouse Click= Zoom In Space = SmackClick on Jugar to playThe gaming mechanics are as follows: Click and hold down the mouse on a president to see what he is doing If he is distracted somehow (either sleeping or messing around) press Space to whack him in order for him to stay focused on the meeting. Other presidents will help you around pointing you where the offender is Try to make a highscore within 2 minutes
Site: mochiads.com/community/profile/Rod_F
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