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Neo Tower Defense
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Neo Tower Defense     By: Seymor
The Allegiance Wars are long over. Since those bloodthirsty days which witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations, the unrestrained slaughter of soldiers from every faction and the constant race for bigger and better weapons, the remains of the factions of old have formed an uneasy truce, living out their days in a meager subsistence. Recently, however, scanners jointly funded by the different factions have detected a new threat looming from the depths of space. A mindless, violent alien race known as The Creeps have begun raiding lone outposts, destroying their way to the center of the human population: The Home Cluster. Realizing the threat of the Creeps is too great for any one faction to control, the past enemies have banded together to fight the alien menace. Setting up advanced towers which have proven to be particularly effective against Creeps, it is up to you to pick a faction and fight for its survival!
U = Upgrade Tower, S = Sell Tower
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