Everybody was Digshot fighting!
R.O.B.O.T Relatively Obedient Being Of Thought
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R.O.B.O.T Relatively Obedient Being Of Thought     By: Chuckaroo05
Control the last KX3700 Armyclass robot in existence against the never ending onslaught of other robots sent to terminate you. Upgrade yourself in 8 different tracks. Version 5 will get you the tier 2 upgrade and version 9 will get you tier 3. How long can you survive
Shift-Click: Place Turret Ctrl-Click: Fire EMPYou must destroy the incoming robots and try to survive for as long as you can. Between each round there is a chance to upgrade your robot after you gain cores.
Site: mochiads.com/community/profile/Chuckaroo05
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Action Shooting robot survival defend upgrade shooter action Chuckaroo05