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Flash Element TD
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Flash Element TD     By: Critters
A game based on the classic Element TD for the even more classic game Warcraft III.
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Tower warcraft tower defence td element rip-off Critters
easy @ 10:54am on 2008-11-07
Not hard to beat at all. Fun though
@ 2:03pm on 2008-10-25
The sad thing is that this isn't just a rip off of the Warcraft 3 graphics and sounds, its also a rip off of a specific tower defense mod...
yea @ 6:13am on 2008-09-11
It's still fun though if your bored.
yuh @ 3:28pm on 2008-07-24
yuh it is. all the graphix from the game then thetower defence part is from a mod on multiplayer. total rip but all the peeps at school were like omgwtfbbq1!! over it, lawlz
ok game @ 11:06pm on 2008-07-22
its alright i guess. but isnt like, the whole thing ripped from warcraft? wtf