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Endless Fighter 3 Platformer
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Endless Fighter 3 Platformer     By: 90301
in this game you are a stick figure. and you need to use badly drawn weapons to kill the two rectangles attacking the uhhh.. city behind you, upgrade youre weapons and kill them.goto tbsw.wikispaces.comfor cheats in this can enter cheats in the blue platform (near the beginning).the game is what you make it and was fun to make, i made this is one week of 4 hours of sleep a day ... so i am really tired (jul1708)oh and if you see any glichs with the platformas (geting stuck in them) use it to your advantage , as i am not going to change it.and the hp bar thing... may not work because it has almost 500 lines of code running 60 times every sec. and the hp bar is the last thing to update and somtimes it doesnt get updated if alot of things are going on.enemys have a max speed , but not hp. get enough kills and the ground and weapon placement changes (onice at 30 kills and another time at 100 kills)oh and there are nine weapons!!!!!revolvershotgunfiremans axesniper (w lazer sight)ak47 (no auto fire)tech 9 (auto fire)freeze rayultra lazerand another autofire gun. (looks like a shotgun)and sword comming soonand ill even give you one cheatmochiads
wasd keys to does somthing.... oh yea thats the reload key.
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