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Shape Escape Extended
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Shape Escape Extended     By: Plumpman
In Shape Escape Extended, you must guide your ball to the golden exit of each level. Guided by the laws of physics, you must make creative and treacherous decisions to be victorious!Enjoy 25 levels as they increase in difficulty and throw new twists your way. Highscore boards at the end even keep track of how well you did!Remember many features and links can be accessed during the game by rightclicking.Collabs:Graphics by Chris Slasher145 Jeffrey.http:www.flashgamelicense.comviewaccount.phpusernameChris.JMusic by Davide No1r Cecchihttp:no1r.newgrounds.com
Arrow Keys or WASD to Move.Right Click for information menu.
Site: mochiads.com/community/profile/Plumpman
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