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SquareShifter     By: jjoy85
Short Description: Fast paced 2D platformer, which features the ability to fly and 10 levels. Easy to pick up and play.Full Description:Square Shifter is based around the simple yet effective concept of collection and this comes in the form of Squares, you must touch all the squares in order to progress to the next level.The game must be competed in 20 minutes and will keep record of how long you take. This means the game is in no way time consuming, yet it offers excellent replayability in the form of breaking your old best times and in the next update, a time based score board.Watch out for enemies! they will try to steal back your squares!
Controls:Move: Arrow keysFly: Hold SpaceAttack: Hold X
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Action Adventure square simple easy collect time platform 2D timer minute action fast N fluid flash best jjoy85