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Thing Thing 4
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Thing Thing 4     By: Diseased Productions
The Thing-Thing Saga continues. You have been genetically engineered as a killing machine and now it is time to break away from those that created you. Fight for your life as they send everything they have at you in an attempt to destroy you.
Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Use WASD to move.
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holy @ 2:46pm on 2009-08-03
dang bloons has over 50% MORE plays than this :( why people?! WHY!!?
nice @ 11:04pm on 2009-05-15
howcome this one never got featured?
@ 11:36pm on 2009-04-11
ya this is sweet i got it in a minute still love thing thing 3
@ 4:06am on 2009-03-29
this is actually pretty damn sweet
i suck @ 3:48pm on 2008-12-05
a training level would be nice
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