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Bloons Tower Defense 3
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Bloons Tower Defense 3     By: Ninjakiwi
Bloons Tower Defense is back with an epic new installment! Loads of new tracks, loads of new towers, loads of awesome upgrades to purchase!
Use your money to buy stuff from the panel on the right, and place it on the track. Try to pop all bloons before they get to the end of the track. Watch out for tracks with multiple paths!
Site: www.ninjakiwi.com
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tower defence action Ninjakiwi
@ 2:36pm on 2008-10-26
pretty cool
3 already? lol @ 5:09pm on 2008-10-25
not bad, making them fast though
@ 5:09pm on 2008-10-25
Releasing the same game three times is lameee..