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Bunny Charm
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Bunny Charm     By: CuaticGames
The game takes place in an imaginary desktop and you incarnate a bunny that looks only for one thing: Defend him self and survive the massive enemy attacks. As the game gets more difficult, more enemies will rise to attack you. To defend your self you'll be able to upgrade your weapon through Damage, Rate of Fire and Pushback, allowing different strategies to take place. Also, you'll be able to buy and plant traps around the levels, which may damage, freeze, poison or explode your enemies!
You have to survive the enemy waves. Kill them using your weapon (mouse to aim and click to fire). Use W,A,S and D to move in every direction. Control points to gain upgrade points. You can upgrade your running speed, pushback, fire damage and fire rate.
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terrible @ 10:16pm on 2009-11-20
terrible that is all i have to say