Everybody was Digshot fighting!
13 Days in Hell
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13 Days in Hell     By: BubbleBox.com
Travel to hell in this first person shooter and take out the oncoming waves before they reach you.
Mouse point and click. R/space to reload. 1-4/mouse wheel to change weapons. P to pause and see menu.
Site: www.bubblebox.com
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13 days in hell @ 2:19am on 2008-07-02
So I was playing this game and I thought I was doing really great because I got all the way to the end and didn't even get a scratch on me. I thought I was just really awesome at first person shooters... then I realized it was on easy LOL! I tried this on the other difficulties and man does it get a lot harder hehe. :D
Hah 1st post... @ 7:22pm on 2008-07-01