'Tis better to have played and lost, than never to have played at all.
Escape Series: Phone Booth
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Escape Series: Phone Booth     By: AfroNinja
Find your way out of the phone booth in this puzzle game.
Mouse point and click.
Site: www.afro-ninja.com
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? @ 9:34pm on 2008-07-05
4 mins 4 me
@ 9:33pm on 2008-07-05
<--4 mins
time @ 9:33pm on 2008-07-05
<-- 4 mins --the last thing he saw was the red claw, claw of the crimson tiger. -crimsonTiger
pretty tricky mid way through @ 9:25pm on 2008-07-05
the numbers and looking through the glass were kind of neat. i wonder how fast someones dun it?