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Color Shift
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Color Shift     By: flashrelax
In this highly entertaining puzzle game your task is to remove balls of the same color as the central one or swap the colors with the central ball. Each turn a new ball appears, so carefully plan your moves not to fill up the field. If you prefer action to relaxing puzzle, then play the arcade mode, where a new ball appears each second and your task is to remove the balls as quickly as possible.
Click on any row or column to make a move. All the top balls of the same color as the central one are removed, and the following ball (if any) swaps colors with the big one.Check ingame instructions for better visual explanation of the rules.In easy, normal or hard mode a new ball appears each turn, so no need to hurry think over your strategy.In arcade mode a new ball appears each second, so it doesnt matter how many moves you make to remove balls just click as quickly as possible to remove them!Compete for high scores in each mode. If youre master of the game and score 10.000 points, you have a separate Elite highscore table with the least number of moves (time) to reach this score. Mere mortals compete for the highest score in each mode.
Site: mochiads.com/community/profile/flashrelax
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