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The Idiot Test
  Author: Ryan Curtis
The first of many tests to see just how dumb you are.
A Generic Quiz
  Author: Ryan Curtis Creations
A wacky game quizzing you on stuff that doesn't make sense!
The Idiot Test 2
  Author: Ryan Curtis
How much of idiot are you? Find out with this follow up to the original Idiot Test!
The Idiot Test 3
  Author: Ryan Curtis
Did you figure out how much of idiot you are in the first two tests? Know for sure in the latest instalment of the idiot test!
The Idiot Test 4
  Author: Ryan Curtis
Think you have what it takes to beat the fourth and possibly last instalment of the Idiot Test series?
The Ultimate Idiot Test
  Author: Ryan Curtis
Test your uber intelligence and mad mind skills in the latest and greatest game in the Idiot Test series.