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Mysterious Balls
  Author: bibagames
Try this original puzzle. Improve your tactical skills. Drag the balls to get group of three or more balls with the same colors.
Fine Blocks
  Author: bibagames
This is a simple tetrislike game. Shoot the block to collect line horizontally. The game will be completed when there are no figures on the field.
Bubble Hunter
  Author: bibagames
Try to catch bubbles with the same color as yours. Dont catch bubbles with the other colors.
Bees Under Attack
  Author: bibagames
Destroy all enemy bees before your opponent did the same with your bees!
Mystery Island
  Author: bibagames
Move the figures on the playfield to collect 3 identical picture horizontally or vertically.The game is similar to classic tetris with a combination of 3match games.
Deep Pearl
  Author: bibagames
Though this one is only another Bubble Puzzle logic skill game, its a brilliant time killer! Use your mouse to shoot the colored pearls!