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Gem Craft
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Gem Craft     By: gameinabottle
Gemcraft is a tower defense flash game in which you play the role of a wizard manipulating gems and towers to kill monsters invading the lands.
Instructions are in game.
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lvl 40! @ 9:39pm on 2009-02-14
finally got level 40, phew that took a while.
:))))) @ 5:31pm on 2008-02-14
love it!
whoa @ 1:23pm on 2008-01-26
longest td game ever
!! @ 1:12am on 2008-12-02
OMG I totally had to rip the fully upgraded gems out of my tower to beat that boss on the epic level!
Awesomes @ 4:33pm on 2008-11-23
Totallys Fun-a-roo
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