Everybody was Digshot fighting!
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Autobox     By: LawlolawlStudios
Play as the Autobox through six levels of cardboard box action. Dash, spawn a shield, or if youre in the mood, transform into a turret and shoot down your enemies! Work hard to get the best Boxbadge possible, and then unlock bonuses!
Autobox Controls: Arrow Keys=Move left or right, Up Arrow Key=Hover (when unlocked), Ctrl=Dash (when unlocked), Shift=Shield (when unlocked) Turret Controls: Spacebar=Transform into turret (when unlocked), Arrow Keys=Aim turret (in turret mode), Up Arrow Key=Shoot (in turret mode)Simply move to the right, and the ingame instructions will help you as you play.
Site: mochiads.com/community/profile/LawlolawlStu
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Action Adventure platform game autobox turret box side scrolling LawlolawlStudios