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Strategy Defense 3
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Strategy Defense 3     By: belugerin
The main objective of this game is to protect your castle and destroy the enemy castle. In the battle, you can train 45 difference soldiers types and build 15 difference towers. Your soldiers will attack the enemy castle and your towers will defense your castle from incoming enemies.
GAME INSTRUCTIONS: Press space bar or "P" to pause and show the options menu, don't forget to click NEXT or PREV button to explore all soldiers and all towers available. You can set the DELAY NEW for new soldiers anywhere between 10-180 seconds by clicking options button in the main menu. You can also watch computer vs computer battle by clicking demo button in the main menu. Other game instructions, please read all in the help menu. COMPUTER PERFORMANCE: If your computer performance too slow when playing this game, adjust "graphic quality" to LOW and set "show particle effect" to NO. You can set this in the options menu. Don't let the enemy attack your castle, attack the enemy from land, sea and air! Enjoy this game. Thank you for playing!
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